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Alcoholism and substance abuse is a very serious disease that affects adult men, women, young adults and teens throughout the United States. We have been helping people overcome their dependence to alcohol and other drugs of abuse for over a decade. Some people are able to stop drinking on their own or quit using drugs without help but that's not true for most people.

There's also more to addiction recovery then abstinence and without thought and behavior pattern changes most people relapse during stressful times or when they're around situations that were associated with their substance use in the past. Without help most people don't even realize situations can take place in their life that triggers alcohol or drug use again.

Rehab Treatment

At North Point drug and alcohol rehabilitation we provide our clients with long term and short term residential treatment because everyone's needs are different. Some patients are in need of a more intensive form of treatment than others. It's important to us that we provide our clients with the necessary tools and time needed to overcome their addictions and rebuild their lives. We provide a wide range of treatment services including Detoxification as well as Inpatient and Outpation Addiction Rehabilitation Services.

We Change Lives

At North Point Rehab we embrace changing the lives of people who aren't able to do it on their own. Our professional staff combined with comprehensive treatment programs has made a difference in the lives of men and women who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. Some of our staff members have been where you are now and they understand the emotional and physical feelings associated with substance abuse. They know it's not easy in the beginning of recovery but they also know it's possible and wonderful to be alcohol or drug free.

Addiction Treatment Substance Abuse Prevention
Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Programs & Process

The first step is detoxification and for some people this process of eliminating toxins from their body is easy but frequent or chronic use of drugs or alcohol can be challenging emotionally and physically. We make sure our patients are comfortable and safe during detox and provide medications if needed.

Complete assessments are done with all our clients in order to provide the necessary treatment that will attain long term recovery. Our treatment programs are individualized to make sure all unique needs are met for each client. Treatment programs are designed based on the results of our client's individual assessment and modified as their needs change. Follow up evaluations are given periodically making sure all areas of concern are addressed.

Mental health disorders are very common among people who abuse alcohol or drugs. Some of our clients have never been diagnosed with Bipolar, depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder until they're evaluated. When a person has an addiction as well as a mental health disorder it's termed "Co-Occurring Disorder" because both are taking place at the same time, they're both serious and need to be addressed. Research has found that when treating both illnesses relapse can be avoided in many cases.

North Point Comprehensive Treatment Programs Include

  1. Full Assessments
  2. Detoxification (medically assisted if needed)
  3. 12 Step Support Groups
  4. Co-Occurring Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment
  5. Behavioral Therapies
  6. Individual, Group and Family Therapy
  7. Addiction and Relapse Education
  8. After Care Counseling

Our mission is to help people overcome their use of alcohol and drugs with the best treatment available so they can improve their health and lead happy substance free lives. Alcohol dependence and drug addiction is a serious problem in Alaska and throughout the United States but recovery is achievable with the right help and support.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Alaska has a high rate of substance abuse, alcoholism, and suicide when compared to the lower 48 states. Because of the location of Alaska it's not only a transfer point for illicit drugs but many residents also abuse them too. There are various drugs in Alaska that are widely abused including alcohol. Many of the accidental deaths in Alaska are associated with the use of alcohol. Choice drugs that are widely abused in Alaska include alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription drugs.

According to law officials in Alaska, alcohol is the primary abused substance. In rural areas of Alaska alcohol appears to be the leading cause of violent, suicidal, and accidental deaths. There are illegal bootlegging activities in many communities and makes its way into the villages through the US Postal Service, local air carriers, private aircraft, boats, snow machines and express mail.

Rampant Alcoholism in Alaska

Because the use of alcohol is so high in Alaska and there have been so many injuries and deaths related to alcohol, ingredients that go into home-brew can get you in trouble. In some rural areas of Alaska according to the Anchorage Daily News you can get arrested for having yeast and sugar in your possession if the intentions are for making home brew.

Alaska Cocaine Use

Cocaine is another illegal substance that abused in Alaska and the use of crack cocaine is a major threat. There are various drug trafficking organizations that deal in cocaine and crack that they obtain from other lower states. Because there's a limited supply the prices for cocaine are highly inflated. Even though there is a limited supply coming into the state cocaine is still a widely used drug in Alaska. In the major urban areas like Anchorage and Fairbanks crack cocaine is found more often.

When cocaine is brought into Alaska it comes in kilogram quantities most of the time and then the drug dealers break it down into smaller amounts for selling. Some of the ways cocaine gets into Alaska is through the US Post Office, commercial parcel like UPS or FedEx, on passengers or in their luggage from the airport.

Mexican organizations control the limited trade in black tar heroin in Alaska. Because Oxycontin is easier to get many heroin users choose this prescription painkiller as a substitute for their heroin. Heroin can be found in metropolitan areas and many smaller communities in Alaska and is quite often imported into the state by parcel or body carries.

Marijuana Addiction in Alaska

Marijuana is the most commonly found illicit drug in Alaska. There is a high demand for home grown Alaskan marijuana because the THC content is very high and because of this Alaska is considered a marijuana exporting state. BC Bud is very popular in Alaska as well and comes into the state from British Columbia and Canada. This form of marijuana is also very potent. In certain areas of the state where illegally produced marijuana is grown it has an effect on their local economy because money made on illegal marijuana sales is used for purchasing items like vehicles, ATV's, fuel, grow equipment and supplies.

Crystal Meth & Methamphetamines

Meth is a very serious illicit drug that many people abuse to get high. Besides the fact that methamphetamine is extremely addictive there are very serious health problems associated with its use. Even though meth causes very harmful effects it continues to be a drug of abuse throughout the United States. Not only is meth serious for those that abuse the stimulant drug, it's a serious hazard during production because of the toxic chemicals and risks involving fires and explosions. The laws that have been set in place that limits the sale of pseudoephedrine in Alaska have aided in the decrease of small meth labs. Meth is still easily found in Alaska though and most of the illegal stimulant comes from other states.

Alaskan Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a problem everywhere anymore and Alaska is no different. The number of seizures associated with prescription drugs increased significantly in 2010 compared to the year before. Some of the prescription drugs in 2010 that continued to be a problem were Oxycontin, Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. Frequently trafficked prescription drugs include OxyContin, Percocet, Percodan, Vicodin and Lortab.

There are many ways prescription drugs find their way illegally into the hands of people who abuse them. Some people get them from home, relatives, or friends. Other ways include doctor shopping, pharmacy shopping, and through the internet. Prescription drug abuse is very serious and just as dangerous as using street drugs especially when combined with other substances or alcohol.

OxyContin is a narcotic painkiller that can be found throughout the United States legally by prescription that's used to treat pain. Many people abuse this prescription pain pill to get high unfortunately.

Percocet is a narcotic painkiller that contains oxycodone and acetaminophen and is used by some people to get high.

Percodan is a narcotic pain reliever that's used to manage moderate to severe pain and is also sometimes abused.

Vicodin is a prescription pain killer that's used to treat severe pain and contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Vicodin is commonly abused by many people and frequently trafficked through Alaska.

Lortab contains a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone that's used to relieve pain.

Anabolic Steroids (AAS) are often trafficked through Alaska. AAS are drugs that are prescribed to treat conditions like delayed puberty and for the loss of lean muscle mass as a result of certain diseases like cancer and AIDS. Many people abuse anabolic steroids to improve their performance in sports or to change the way they look when it comes to muscle mass.

The abuse of alcohol and drugs are taken very seriously in Alaska and they promote many prevention and early interventions programs to educate their citizens concerning the dangers and consequences associated with substance use and addiction. Treatment centers in Alaska provide their residents with a wide range of programs to help people overcome their dependence to drugs, alcohol and other substances. Comprehensive treatment programs are utilized when treating substance abuse and alcoholism in Alaska and have helped many people get their lives back.

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